Hi Everyone,

The whole world knows it happened already….. but we just want to say congratulations to Kevin and Christine.  They have a little girl now and her name is Grace.

We’re starting to gear up for the summer – doing some festivals in Canada – also Country Thunder again – this time in Twin Lakes Wis. Also we’re working on a return trip to Europe for Sept. 4 – 11.  Not sure where we’ll be playing yet.  And………we might be coming to Australia for some concerts.  That would be fun.

Park and Teddy survived the floods in Nashville but only after incurring pretty heavy damage. They’ve been playing some benefits to help out the community. KCMW might do one this summer but it depends on scheduling. John, Blair and Larry headlined the final night of the Tucson Folk Festival in May. That was a blast.  We played with our friend Peter McLaughlin – world champion flat picker. We also played a wonderful memorial celebration concert for my mom who passed away while we were touring in Europe last time. Had a whole bunch of people out under the stars while the nighthawks swooped into the light and the music carried for miles and miles across the desert. Most everyone knows about Kevin’s desire to help clean up BP’s mess with his wonderful machines which can separate oil and water. Bp’s been dragging their feet.  I hope some indictments follow.

We’ll write again soon

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