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Hey Everyone,

First of all we want to thank everyone in the Ottawa area and everyone in the Regina area for coming to the festivals. Wow! You Canadians really know how to put on a festival. The Ottawa Blues Fest, right in beautiful downtown Ottawa, had an incredible lineup of musicians and music of all kinds – and that means everything from pure country to the amazing Martin Sexton to some great R&B to the incredible Jimmy Cliff. It went on for 12 days. We had a fantastic time and made a lot of new friends who now know that KCMW is not a FLUKE.

About 30 miles outside of Regina (some new friends here told us that Regina rhymes with fun – I didn’t say it so don’t get all over me about it) there is a beautiful green valley which is the location of the kick-ass festival called Craven Country Jamboree. Out in the middle of nowhere there were 32,000 fans ready to rock and roll. The weather was magnificent (so was our tequila before the show – you probably remember that we always have a toast before we go on) and the fans were too.  Most of them didn’t know what to expect from us although I did see a few “Turn It On” CDs in the audience.  By the end of the show we were finishing “Superman14” and Kevin was out on the walkway running through the audience shaking hands and blowing kisses and the band just kept rocking out on that great riff, which Teddy came up with at the end of the song — people were up on their feet  – we just didn’t want it to end – man it just doesn’t get any better than that………unless……..we just happen to be in Europe – which is looking more and more like it’s going to happen. Two shows in Armenia – Two in Austria and one in London – maybe one in Ireland -all in late September.  We should have some dates for you by the end of the week.

You want to know something else?  Kenny Chesney ROCKS!  – got a knockout 4 piece horn section, an incredible percussion guy who played with The Wailers, and some amazing guitarists – and they are all great people. There were 32,000 fans on their feet as 4 jets roared overhead on a low flyby……………..and the band rocked on into the summer night

Thanks for all your comments!

See You Around Sometime

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