Turn It On This Summer

Well we’re off to Canada for a bunch of dates this summer.  For those of us in the band who are from Tucson (Larry and John) and from Nashville (Teddy and Park and Sara) this is a welcome change.  We all have been in BLISTERING HEAT! Tucson has been 100 + for almost a month now and Nashville has been hot and humid for weeks. In Nashville you have to change clothes four times a day otherwise you look like you have just stepped out of a swimming pool as you walk into a meeting. Kevin is in Aspen after a hard few months of trying (once again) to convince people that his centrifugal machines really do separate oil and water. He is exhausted but ready to play again. Blair has been in Oregon where it has been (until recently) quite cold. He has been complaining about the weather but to deaf ears from his bandmates who are sweltering in the heat.

For our fans in Europe, it looks like we will be coming back in September to do a couple of shows in Armenia ; a couple in Austria ; one in England and maybe a few more.  Keep checking our website.  WE CAN’T WAIT TO COME BACK…………..

And……..our latest CD “Turn It On” will be released in Canada on EMI on July 13th just before our show in Ottawa.

The Modern Westerners

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