Kevin Costner’s Interview with Variety

Kevin recently talked to Variety about Modern West and his musical ventures.

“Costner spoke by phone of the band’s new record, “Famous for Killing Each Other.” Featuring music from the miniseries with further “inspired by” compositions, eight written by Costner, the album reached No. 6 on the soundtrack chart and broke into the top 20 of both the country and indie album charts — all career highs for the band.”

One Response to Kevin Costner’s Interview with Variety

  1. Dolly says:
    October 18, 2012 at 7:47 pm

    From where I stand 😉 (Switzerland) I don’t know anything about these charts but I feel so proud of you dear Modern Westners! Congratulations! You really deserve this succes! I’m so happy for you not to be the only one to love your songs!
    Best wishes


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