‘Hatfields & McCoys’ Mini-Series: EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

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Article courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

Git ready for the “backcountry feud that became a legend!”

Beginning on Memorial Day, the History Channel will debut the original series Hatfields & McCoys, a three-parter starring Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton. Lots of good-ol-boy garb in this here clip, but them thar men are used to playing rough and ready dudes. (Remember how Costner portrayed the title role in Wyatt Earp and Paxton played an Earp brother in Tombstone?).


Recap Of KCMW’s Live Chat On Twitter

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A special thank you to everyone who participated in our live chat! We really enjoyed catching up with everyone and answering your questions… Just in case you missed it, we’ve outlined our entire conversation below. Until next time…

@ichiban250907: Which song do you all like the most to play live on stage?
@ModernWest: John here – I like “Cleo”

@carmebellvert: Hello guys, The most important question: How are you ? How looks this year 2012?
@ModernWest: Hey Carme, How are you doing? Good to hear from you. We’re doing great – planning a tour in the USA in April

@ichiban2592007: What are your favorite plans further on?
@ModernWest: to be famous and rich

@medolark: Since u r going 2 b in AB on 7-1-12 how about dropping down into Kalispell, MT for a show?
@ModernWest: We’re planning to come thru on our way down from Canada in early July – don’t know where yet

@amyg36: Any Texas dates? PLEASE!!
@ModernWest: We will be swinging thru Texas in early July

@ArtachoCristina: How about Spain? I know it’s a little further…
@ModernWest: Spain Yea! We love Barcelona. Next time we come. It’s been 2 years – right?

@Myrislava: When you plan to record a new album?:):)
@ModernWest: We’re recording right now

@Anita_wicked_22: Hello from Ireland! How are you all doing? Any plans to come here?
@ModernWest: Ireland – we’ve been trying but it hasn’t worked out yet. Ireland is my second home – in heart

@MERCEDESCASCALL @ichiban250907: Hola ¿cuando viene a la Argentina? @modernwest hope to see you this year in ” Europe/ Germany ” – any plans ?
@ModernWest: Yes sometime this year. We’ve had offers but haven’t had the time

@BC_Deb: With your N Am tour starting soon, can we look forward to an imminent N Am release of your latest CD
@ModernWest: We hope so. It will be released. We shall be released.

@Mauthor: From each band member: – what is your favorite song so far from all three albums?
@ModernWest: John here – my favorite is”Down In Nogales” – then “Top Down”

@bvscyoc: Are you planning a return trip to Omaha?? It was a awesome concert would LOVE to see ya’ll again!!!
@ModernWest: We hope to on our way down to New Orleans from Canada in early July

@MrTTraces: What can swim faster, a horse or a dog?
@ModernWest: A dog.

@MartinaBellini2: Hi guys, You’ll be in Italy on this tour 2012? miss you.
@ModernWest: John here We love Italy except when two gypsy girls stole from us. We will be back soon.. I could live in Italy – yes

@amyg36: Are y’all playing Texas this year?
@ModernWest: Not yet – Houston, Dallas, Austin but no firm dates

@KerryHinkle: Have you ever been to Lakeland before?
@ModernWest: No but we’re coming in late March

@kjhunt: Where are you?
@ModernWest: John and Larry are basking in the sun in Tucson, Blair is in Oregon, Teddy and Park are in Nashville. Kevin in Carpinteria

@Mauthor: What is the last book you read?
@ModernWest: John here —- I last read “A Team Of Rivals” about Lincoln. I’m getting prepared to read Moby Dick and The Iliad tomorrow.

@Magster52: Hi John is there video this time with the chat?
@ModernWest: No video sorry We’re scattered about the country as usual

@Myrislava: Do you plan this year’s tour of Europe? Do you visit Ukraine?
@ModernWest: We would love to come to Ukraine but it hasn’t worked out yet.

@KerryHinkle: Is it possible to get some meet and greet tickets?
@ModernWest: Maybe _ how much money have you got? —Just kidding Sure it’s possible – just stay in touch when we come around your town.

@Mauthor: How was it working with pop singer Nena on your third album “From Where I Stand”
@ModernWest: Nena is wonderful. She recorded one of my songs in 1980 when she was in The Stripes – called Strangers – google The Stripes video

@TamaraMcKernan: Are you guys tweeting now?
@ModernWest: We are tweeting – at least I think I am

@Stef_Kit: When are you coming to the UK? Especially Manchester, you can stay at mine lol.
@ModernWest: That would be great do you have a grill and some old mattresses?

@OlgaVazquezA: This year, will I see you on Barcelona again?
@ModernWest: We really want to come to Barcelona again. One of the most beautiful cities in the world

@BADnina69: Do you have any new songs recorded? any chances for canadian tourdates in july as i’m there on holidays?
@ModernWest: Canada tour dates in Late June – two places – I’m not sure where. Check our website

@juliechilders1: Any plans on doing a show in Chicago?
@ModernWest: Yes if possible – we had a great show there at the House Of Blues a few years ago. Rode the L walked the river – froze

@janetlallen: Will there be more concert dates in April besides the 10 already listed on ur events page?
@ModernWest: There might be a couple more – Exit Inn Nashville and we’re going to stop at Ft Knox for a memorial for some fallen soldiers

@Cloclo60: John, are you coming back in Europe this year and if so, when and where?
@ModernWest: We could all move to Europe – set up households there – play concerts – get away from right wing politics

@MartinaB69: Will Bobby play some shows again?
@ModernWest: Yes – we love Bobby

@Myrislava: Who is your group here?
@ModernWest: What do you mean?

@Naamelie: This year, will we see you in France again?
@ModernWest: I hope so – La Cigale is one of the best places we have ever played. We also want to go somewhere else in France besides Paris

@elainefraser18: Liverpool would be an amazing place for you to play with its strong musical roots
@ModernWest: Yes Liverpool! – We have had offers from GB but it hasn’t worked out yet.

@Maxjmus: Are you guys planning a gig in Finland in the future? IF NOT, you still have to! WE love ya!
@ModernWest: Not yet but we want to come back again.

@medolark: Would you like suggestions of great venues MT?
@ModernWest: Yes – but we will probably play the theater in Missoula again

@MartinaB69: Any cool announcements to make? Apart from Tour?
@ModernWest: Teddy’s lifting weights. I’m changing from Patron to Hornitos. Park is looking for a car. Blair is moving to Tucson. Larry lives

@carmebellvert: My impression is that in your 3th album there are less violin. Is that an evolution of your music ?
@ModernWest: Maybe =-but we love violin. It just didn’t work so well on those new songs.

@MissPiratess: Hi John  Hello from Germany!Thank you for the concert in Dresden!It was so great!when will see you again?
@ModernWest: Thanks for coming to our show in Dresden. The city is a special place except when Park almost got struck by lightning.

@FrodeWerner: Loved your Stockholm concert last year! When will we see you guys again?
@ModernWest: As soon as we can get back – but not before we help get Obama reelected

@Myrislava: Please, follow me  LOL
@ModernWest: Where are we following you?

@LedoultCharlott: When return you in France has Paris for a concert?
@ModernWest: Absolutely – How could we not play Paris. We’ve had such a great time there.

@medolark: You are recording a 4th album right now?
@ModernWest: We’re recording one and working on another – maybe two this year

@MERCEDESCASCALL: Dying to know! is my idol ..
@ModernWest: Who is your idol? Is it Kevin or Blair?

@Myrislava: When will the next live chat?
@ModernWest: I don’t know.

@OlgaVazquezA: What is thought to have many fans in so many countries?
@ModernWest: I can’t imagine what it must be like for Kevin. He is recognized everywhere we go. But he is always happy to be with people.

@NamitaLp: Whats your favorite song from the newest album Kevin?
@ModernWest: Kevin isn’t on with us today but I think one of his favorite songs is “The Angels Came Down”

@elainefraser18: Who is doing the tweeting tonight?
@ModernWest: John is Tweeting but I thought everyone was going to be on today – we’re scattered all over the country.

@AdriannaTR: Will you come back to Europe in Autumn?
@ModernWest: Hi Adrianna – How are you? Sorry I missed you in Munich. I would come back tomorrow if I could.

@ModernWest: Park’s here too, but I’m mostly watching John rock it.
@LedoultCharlott: I was very happy to be able to see John,Teddy,Larry and Blair.I hope to see KCMW”all”!Sorry my english not good
@ModernWest: Your English is better than my French. I like that picture of you and Teddy. He’s cool guy – when he has his clothes on

@iguane007: Hi guys! can u do anything to cheers me up please!!! nothing’s worse than today!! hugs
@ModernWest: Hug from Teddy

@BC_Deb Teddy: I thought Teddy had moved to CA?
@ModernWest: Teddy is in Nashville will probably never move from there except to heaven.

@rosieohjem: Are any other band members,,,actors?
@ModernWest: park is in the new hatfields and mccoys!!! a cameo

@MartinaB69: Will there be a tour dvd?
@ModernWest: Maybe it depends on how good we are.

@terezavintrova: Are you going to have a concert in Prague?
@ModernWest: We want to for sure!!

@tampaswifty13: Coming anywhere in Florida any time? Really respect the fact that you do what you love
@ModernWest: We’ll be in Florida at the end of March – check our schedule on our website

@iguane007: u sure do well teddy!
@ModernWest: I do my best.

@OfficialYarden: I’d love a tweet from you guys love y’all
@ModernWest: tweet tweet from kcmw

@Myrislava: When will you be announcing more tour dates?
@ModernWest: Please check our website for new tour dates.

@parkathedog: Will you be coming to Ottawa Ont this summer? When is your new CD coming out in Canada?
@ModernWest: Not sure when the cd comes out in CA — but I know they are working on it

@Mandylovesyou2: Kevin I’ve a question for you. Are you planning to act in a movie again in the near future?
@ModernWest: The new Superman and “The Hatfields and McCoys” will both be coming out this year.

@Ross3330: Of my 3 questions before top one your music is drive time music so what cars do y’all like or have?
@ModernWest: None of us drive really cool cars except Kevin and he’s not really a big car guy. We’re all just “road dreamers”-love being on.

@Austin18Moore: I heard you will probably come through Texas this year. You think you guys will make it to somewhere around San Antonio?
@ModernWest: I heard that too! better happen!

@carmebellvert: How do you handle the fact to be long time so far of your family?
@ModernWest: We skype a lot – only thing is you can’t touch

@Myrislava: Why don’t you shoot your own videos?
@ModernWest: We do shoot our own videos – everyone of them.

@medolark: Will you release them in the USA?
@ModernWest: Hope to do so sometime this year–we are two albums behind in the US!

@BC_Deb: What does the rest of the band do when KC is on location? Do you mainly work on new songs?
@ModernWest: We write, hang out with our families, call each other, hang out together when we can – and sometimes go on location.

@leilamelody: Where can we contact you for booking info if we want you to play in our town??
@ModernWest: Check our website for a link to the Agency Group

@michelle22lima: When did you guys come to Brazil again? We Miss you!
@ModernWest: we keep hearing rumors of a tour down there…..just waiting for the good mews

@ArtachoCristina: How do u manage ur time to do so many things (and so successfully?: music, films, family… and other businesses?
@ModernWest: John here – Kevin is always busy. He can juggle ten things at once. He is tireless but always has time for his family.

@Rustybuell: Any chance of another duet with Sara Beck?
@ModernWest: Actually working on one now–stay tuned for details..

@KevinCostner18: Mr. Coinman, Will You Please Call Me? I LOVE You Guys, Please!
@ModernWest: tweeting sent to Sara!

@medolark: Do you plan on adding a visit to Montana on this tour?
@ModernWest: We are planning on it–just working out the details

@rindy1: Hi Guys. This is just awesome. Any chance of you playing at the casino in Wy.?
@ModernWest: Hi Rindy – good to hear from you. We hope to get to Wyoming in early July

@Myrislava: Do you already have new songs?
@ModernWest: We’ve got so many new songs we don’t know what to do with them.

@bonnybee19: You guys all seem really laid back- any outrageous ‘backstage demands?’
@ModernWest: Hmmm…nothing comes to mind. Just tequila and water and fruit.

@leilamelody: yeah! I remember Teddy talking about his love for Antone’s when yall played Austin. We’d love to have you in CC
@ModernWest: I have … (Teddy) been awhile. I lived in Austin for 7yrs

@SilkTofive: I’m a fan from Turkey.Your concert was cancelled here. Could we welcome you in Istanbul for a new concert please?
@ModernWest: We loved Turkey – Istanbul – don’t have an offer yet

@Cloclo60: Do you like to come back in Ghent or somewhere else in Belgium?
@ModernWest: we loved Ghent!!!! of course we want back!

@Pesabo: Did you ever take pictures of your audience from the stage?
@ModernWest: Our last show in Germany 2011, our friend Andi attached a video camera to our guitars to record the crowd and the stage. Cool!

@bvscyoc: Are you planning a return trip to Omaha?? It was a awesome concert would LOVE to see ya’ll again!!!
@ModernWest: Maybe – we’ll be coming down from Canada to New Orleans in early July – look for us

@KevinCostner18: Whats Your Favorite Movie Of Mr. Costner’s?
@ModernWest: Tie–Bodyguard and Bull Durham

@BC_Deb: And how come no concert in Van when KC was/is there filming? I thought he liked doing that when on location?
@ModernWest: He was only there one day

@TinhinanMJ1: It is easy to live on tour with kevin, when we know that he likes moments of solitude, silence, distance?
@ModernWest: He is actually a great traveling companion–really easy going and always finding ways to stay creative and inspired.

@KevinCostner18: What Is Mr. Costner’s Favorite Thing To Do On Tour?
@ModernWest: Hang out with the band when we let him

@carmebellvert: Who are in the band the most joker ?
@ModernWest: Definitely Blair.

@Rustybuell: Any chance for another gig at Cheyenne Frontier Days this year?
@ModernWest: We hope so – had a great time last year

@Maxjmus: Do you guys know if Kevin will play a role in Quentin Tarantino’s new film or not. Since this yearRumors say not.
@ModernWest: He won’t be in Quentin’s next but they plan to work together

@KevinCostner18: Thanks! I Bet You Dont Remember But A Few Years Ago We Used To Talk On Myspace! (When It Was Popular!)
@ModernWest: MySpace seems like years ago – but I do remember

@Cloclo60: Do you like to come back in Ghent or somewhere else in Belgium?
@ModernWest: Ghent is one of our favorite cities – want to come back

@rosieohjem: Favourite Canadian city??
@ModernWest: Park says Toronto

@Maxjmus: In what kind of shape is your new CD you’re recording, when will it be released?
@ModernWest: We don’t know

@leilamelody: would be a perfect venue for you all to play down here in Corpus Christi! Right by the water.
@ModernWest: I’ve never been to CC – heard it’s great – like the indie radio station there

@KevinCostner18:What Is Mr. Costner’s Cell Phone Number?:)
@ModernWest: Ha ha

@MERCEDESCASCALL: Kevin I’ve come to the country club Tomili John, who is in the city of Lobos, Argentina, where I live?
@ModernWest: Maybe, It depends on where we have a concert in Argentina.

@iguane007: What shud we do to hear you on our radios??
@ModernWest: Pray

@ModernWest: Been fun, everybody–I have to check out. Thanks! Park

@ArtachoCristina: I better go to sleep now. Great chatting w/ u. I gotta say I just discovered u recently, + I’m loving your songs!
@ModernWest: Good night Thanks for chatting

New Tour Dates Announced

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Looking forward to what 2012 will bring and getting back on the road… To get things started, we’ve just announced some new tour dates!

Be sure to check out our TOUR page for ticket information and to see if we’re coming to a city near you. More tour dates will be announced very soon…


April 3rd, 2012 – Kevin Costner & Modern West @ Rams Head On Stage – Annapolis, MD

April 4th, 2012 – Kevin Costner & Modern West @ Rams Head On Stage – Annapolis, MD

April 5th, 2012 – Kevin Costner & Modern West @ Strathmore – North Bethesda, MD

June 30th, 2012 – Kevin Costner & Modern West @ Casino Regina – Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

July 1st, 2012 – Kevin Costner & Modern West @ Bud Country Fever – Grande Praire, AB

USO Wishbook: Give Back This Holiday Season

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Christmas is less than a week away… Make a decision to do something special this holiday season and give back. Visit to learn more about the USO Wishbook and how to provide gifts to our troops. Your gift will be joined with the gifts of others and used where it will do the most to lift the spirits of troops and their families.

*Click the image below to view all of the gifts*

Kevin Costner & Modern West To Perform LIVE At Tribute On Dec.12th

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Kevin Costner & Modern West are scheduled to perform LIVE at Tribute in Bukarest, Romania. The show kicks off Monday, December 12th at 6:00PM.

Kevin has been filming the mini-series, “Hatfields and McCoys” in Romania since late September. Shooting is wrapping up and the band is playing a show for cast, crew, and anyone else who can join them! Visit the links below for more information.

Be sure to spread the word and RSVP on Facebook if you’re planning on going to the show!

 *Venue Information*

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Thank you to everyone who shared what they’re thankful for this year… We enjoyed looking at your photos.

We’re thankful for our fans and the encouragement you give us. Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving 2011: What I’m Thankful For

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner… What are you thankful for this year?

Snap a picture of whatever it is and upload it to Facebook/Twitter. Be sure to tag your photos with #KCMW #WhatImThankfulFor.

Happy Veterans Day

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Happy Veterans Day… Honor our Veterans and remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

We are so proud and thankful for all of our troops!


Official YouTube Channel

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Have you visited our Official YouTube channel lately? You’ll find the latest videos from our recent tour overseas and much more… Subscribe for free today!


#KCMWFanPics Album On Facebook

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If you haven’t already noticed, Kevin Costner & Modern West have been featuring new #KCMWFanPics on their Facebook page daily.

Here’s how to share your pictures:

1). Upload them to Facebook and/or Twitter.
2) Tag them with #KCMWFanPics.

It’s just that easy… To see all of pictures that have been submitted thus far, click the link below.