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We finished off our tour in Europe Monday night at Munich TonHalle. What a great finale! We saw a lot of familiar faces and a lot of new ones too. Hopefully you all enjoyed the show as much as we did. Thanks to everyone who came and thanks to all the great people at Wizard Promotions for their incredibly good work. We can’t imagine coming over and not working with them. They are the best! They are like family and so are our faithful fans who come back over and over again to see us. We flew back to the USA with mixed emotions – glad to be going home – sad to leave.
Kevin is in Romania as you probably know. It is looking good that we may come over there and do a couple of shows before Kevin leaves in the middle of December.

Modern West will miss you

See You Around…… Sometime

Watch KCMW’s Interview And Live Performance From Skavlan

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Kevin Costner & Modern West were recently special guests on a Swedish Television show called, Skavlan. Be sure to check out Kevin’s sit down interview and KCMW’s live performance of “Cleo At The Wheel.”

Goodbye Denmark And Sweden

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We played our last show in Scandinavia in Skive on the 24th. Before Skive, we were in Odense, Stockhom, and Copenhagen. In Stockholm, in case you didn’t see, we played “Cleo At The Wheel” on national television to 3 million people. The crowds at all our shows were loud and enthusiastic and we very much want to come back to play for all our new and old fans again next year. After Skive we drove 16 hours overnight to Munich where we will play at Tonhalle tonight. We had a welcome day off after our arrival in Munich. Some of the band and crew went to Octoberfest to celebrate. We haven’t seen them since. They are presumed lost.

After our USO show tomorrow we are all flying home except for Kevin who is headed to Romania for two and a half months to film The Hatfields And McCoys. It is possible the band will come there to play a few shows.

See You Around…….Sometime

Kevin Costner and Modern West to Perform Second USO Concert for Troops and Military

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Kevin Costner and his Rock/Country Band Modern West are set to perform their second USO concert for Troops and Military Families in Germany on September 27th.

Last year, Costner and his band put on a show for military families at U.S. Army Garrison Grafenwoehr and entertained 800 service men and women and their families.

“Last year’s experience was so amazing that we knew right then that we’d have to do it again,” said Costner. “We are in the middle of a big European tour but decided to take a break to perform another USO show for troops and their families serving abroad because this was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up.”

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Offenbach To Odense

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We drove all night after the Offenbach show on the 19th and landed in beautiful Odense, Denmark at around noon on the 20th and had the rest of the day off. Here we play Magasinet tonight and then drive all night to Stockholm. The show at the Capitol club in Offenbach was invigorating and loud. The club used to be a synagogue and now has the look of an opera house. Check out the picture of us in Facebook on stage there. The band and crew had a nice day off; however, Kevin went to Hamburg where he did a bunch of interviews. He, Mark, Tim, and Dave didn’t get to Odense until sometime late last night. He’s always working hard and we appreciate it. The band and crew are headed to the Magasinet now to load in and sound check.

Thanks Offenbach for giving us such a warm welcome!

See You Around …..Sometime

Berlin Tempodrom

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We first played the Tempodrom in February or March of 2010. This time it was even better. Most everyone was out of their seats as soon as the music started and didn’t sit down the whole concert….. a wonderful show – at least from our perspective. Most everyone in the band got out on the streets of Berlin for a while during the day even though it was raining. What a great city.

This morning we’re parked on the street in Offenbach and the crew is loading in. We’re looking forward to playing here. Then we head for Denmark.

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Around 2000 people showed up for our concert in Rostock. They all had to sit for most of the show but toward the end Kevin asked everyone to get out of their seats if they wanted. So most everyone came up to the stage while we played Palisades, Cleo At The Wheel, and Hey Man for our last 3 songs. We made a lot of new friends there and we signed a lot of autographs afterwards. The band intends to sign autographs after every show so if you want one please stick around in the lobby. Good to see Julie and Ludmilla out there in the front row! We want to come back to Rostock. Tonight – Berlin Tempodrom.

See You Around……Sometime

The Modern Westerners


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It was great being back in Dresden again. Thanks to all who came to our show last night.
We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. What a beautiful city! The band talked a lot about your city backstage and saw photos of what it looked like right after the bombing in 1944 – and how you have transformed it back to almost what it used to be. What a pity. Is it true that the allies bombed Dresden because Berlin was fogged over and the planes had to drop the bombs somewhere rather than carry them back to England?

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La Cigale, Paris

As far as Modern West is concerned, La Cigale is one of the premiere rock clubs in the world – great sound – intimate (about 1000 people) – beautiful – historic cabaret built in 1887. But above all the audiences have just been outstanding – enthusiastic and loud – just the way we like it. Thank you to everyone who showed up to listen and enjoy. If any of you have a favorite song we played, please let us know. We’ll be back next year.

After the show we left for Dresden driving all night arriving at 2PM today. We’re getting ready to sound check and rest a little for the show tonight. Here we are re-united with our friends at Go Audio who will be handling all our production needs for our shows in Germany along with our own great guys. Go Audio is the best. Overseeing our tour is Wizard Productions.

Dresden is known as the Venice of Germany and it is truly a historic wonder and remarkable place – even though much of it was destroyed in the allied bombing campaign during WW2.

See You Around…….Sometime

KCMW Tells The Story Behind Their Songs: “The Angels Came Down”

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Even though this song is about soldiers in the American Civil War, it is about all soldiers for all times at the moment of their passing.  But it is intended for those who have to live with the memory of a loved one who was lost. It’s our hope for what happens at the moment of dying.