Turn It On This Summer

Posted by John Coinman

Well we’re off to Canada for a bunch of dates this summer.  For those of us in the band who are from Tucson (Larry and John) and from Nashville (Teddy and Park and Sara) this is a welcome change.  We all have been in BLISTERING HEAT! Tucson has been 100 + for almost a month now and Nashville has been hot and humid for weeks. In Nashville you have to change clothes four times a day otherwise you look like you have just stepped out of a swimming pool as you walk into a meeting. Kevin is in Aspen after a hard few months of trying (once again) to convince people that his centrifugal machines really do separate oil and water. He is exhausted but ready to play again. Blair has been in Oregon where it has been (until recently) quite cold. He has been complaining about the weather but to deaf ears from his bandmates who are sweltering in the heat.

For our fans in Europe, it looks like we will be coming back in September to do a couple of shows in Armenia ; a couple in Austria ; one in England and maybe a few more.  Keep checking our website.  WE CAN’T WAIT TO COME BACK…………..

And……..our latest CD “Turn It On” will be released in Canada on EMI on July 13th just before our show in Ottawa.

The Modern Westerners


Posted by John Coinman

Hi Everyone,

The whole world knows it happened already….. but we just want to say congratulations to Kevin and Christine.  They have a little girl now and her name is Grace.

We’re starting to gear up for the summer – doing some festivals in Canada – also Country Thunder again – this time in Twin Lakes Wis. Also we’re working on a return trip to Europe for Sept. 4 – 11.  Not sure where we’ll be playing yet.  And………we might be coming to Australia for some concerts.  That would be fun.

Park and Teddy survived the floods in Nashville but only after incurring pretty heavy damage. They’ve been playing some benefits to help out the community. KCMW might do one this summer but it depends on scheduling. John, Blair and Larry headlined the final night of the Tucson Folk Festival in May. That was a blast.  We played with our friend Peter McLaughlin – world champion flat picker. We also played a wonderful memorial celebration concert for my mom who passed away while we were touring in Europe last time. Had a whole bunch of people out under the stars while the nighthawks swooped into the light and the music carried for miles and miles across the desert. Most everyone knows about Kevin’s desire to help clean up BP’s mess with his wonderful machines which can separate oil and water. Bp’s been dragging their feet.  I hope some indictments follow.

We’ll write again soon

Goodbye to Europe

Posted by John Coinman

Our last three shows – Stuttgart, Bratislava, and Nurnberg sent us off back to America with fond memories of Europe. The crowds again were amazing and enthusiastic.  We saw old friends who came to say goodbye in Nurnberg. We saw an unexpectedly beautiful city in Bratislava (we all want to go back to Slovakia). There we walked along the Danube before the show – miles of walkway along that ancient river. In Stuttgart we played in a wonderful theatre and once again felt like we were playing to friends who welcomed us with a little hidden wildness which came out full force at the end of the show.

We’re home for a couple weeks then we head to Florence, Arizona to play Country Thunder – then to Mississippi for one show – then back home.

Word has it that we may be coming back in late June/early July to do an outdoor concert in Salzberg and maybe a few others probably in Italy.

Modern Westerners want to thank:

Everyone who worked so hard for us

Everyone who cheered for us

Everyone who drove so far to see us

Everyone who believed in us

See you around sometime


Posted by John Coinman

They never returned no they never returned

And their fate is still unlearned

They will ride forever on the roads of Europe

They’re the band that never returned

We were talking about our flights back on British Airways on the 26th – will we really fly back home then or will the strike cancel our flights?

It will cost a bundle of money to rebook our tickets – so much so that we may never be able to fly home again.  We had a good laugh about that. We would all just get back on the bus and keep moving  –  call our agent Nick and have him book another 6 weeks of shows. It wouldn’t be the worst thing that ever happened.  Park even said he would be fine with having 10 days off, go home, feed the dogs, mow the lawn,  pay some bills then come back and start another tour. A silence fell over the dressing room when he said that….. just a momentary consideration about how we could each make that work.  We were all fantasizing about the call back home……”Honey, we’re going to be a little delayed……….”. We all miss home too much for that to ever happen but it just illustrates how much fun we’ve had over here.

Dresden was amazing. One of the most beautiful cities we have seen …..a wonderful concert. In Kempten, one day later, the day was so warm we all sat out in the parking lot basking in the sun….. great crowd that night.  We’ve got three shows left…… We’re  “gonna miss your town……” when we go.